Our company was established in 2015 and the first objective of the organization "Runway Lighting Systems" project and is intended to provide consultancy services in the aviation sector, especially project management.

Past experience in the aviation expert and professional staff who are "Runway Lighting Systems" from the name in the industry by developing the entire scope of services is often talked goal of becoming an organization.

In this time is that we give impetus to the implementation of today and the world by believing in the top level of our technical equipment, we are working with all our effort to be your technical partner.

Turkey and in the international field "Runway Lighting Systems" project planning / project management and practices adhering to the trust we have countless references and professionalism about the advantages of having a structure which also timely interventions with customer satisfaction targets and solutions productivity are proud to present to you .. .

Our goal is to reach solutions .....


Airfield Lighting Systems & Energy Solutions

Lighting is a type commonly used at airports and helipads. Pilots, identifying the locations of all airports, airports, approach aids, runway and taxiway lights are visual help system with the aim of providing interpretation without falling into any error.

Navigation & Meteorological Systems

Aircraft angles, from the center line, comprehensive weather, such as position information, are systems for electronic signal systems which are especially vital for safe landings where meteorological conditions are unfavorable.

Solutions & Air Traffic Control Towers

Air traffic control (ATC), the maneuver of the aircraft, apron or flight with one another at any stage and to avoid collisions with obstacles; and systems to ensure that the services are fast and regular air traffic.

System Supply & Application Services

Airport to provide all the requirements needed to be carried out during the construction and commitment to making use of a system / application covers the works.







Our company adopt as the basis for the success of human resources, it is committed to being a preferred company by the employees. All tasks with a sense of responsibility in successfully fulfilling our employees are our greatest value.

Trust and respect of our policy aimed at human resources;

  • Develop strategic objectives and interests of our company
  • Believing in the importance of communication within the organization
  • Service and product quality, to recognize that proportional to the quality of employees
  • That an employer who believes in the equality of opportunity and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates
  • Be sensitive to the changing needs of employees and management
  • To do our job the best way to adhere to ethics
  • Emphasis on human factors and training
  • We have a good team to develop an understanding of the social, cultural and educational activities to regulate.

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